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5 Steps to Build an Effective Personal Brand


Personal Branding


Personal Branding is the art of creating a unique, personal image that reflects
positively on you and your business. It’s something that many professionals are
not even aware they have. But by taking the few simple steps outlined below,
you can start creating a presence online that will help you increase your brand
value and drive more traffic to your website. 

Define your Brand Value 

Whatis your brand value? This is the first step towards developing a personal
brand. The best personal brands know and embrace their brand value. Your brand
value is the difference between your company’s overall brand value and your
competitors’ overall brand value. Now, what exactly is brand value? It’s the
sum of a business’s reputation, products’ reputations, and market share
according to certain industry benchmarks. 

## Be Real with Your Audience 

You’rebuilding a brand online, so start being more real with your audience. First,
you can’t just rely on keywords and phrases because your target audience will
see these and associate them with negative thoughts. You should be as open,
honest, and human as possible with your audience. You can’t just say that you
sell coffee. You should say that you make great coffee, or you like great
coffee, or you have a great coffee mug, or you have a great brand of coffee.
You should be as upfront and honest with your audience as possible. As you
build your brand, you’ll want to use your language to reflect positively on your

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## Show, Don’t just tell Your Story 

Successfulbrands tell a story. It’s what makes those brands successful. Your story should
be the theme throughout your brand identity. From your corporate website to
your social media accounts, your story should be outlined in your branding.
It’s what gives your brand personality. Now, don’t get me wrong- stories aren’t
just for books or movies. You can tell stories in your digital presence too.
Every post, photo, and video can tell a story with various tools available on
social media platforms. Be sure to use your digital stories to let your brand’s
story be known. 

## Use Tools of Digital Marketing 

You’vedeveloped a great online presence. You’ve boosted your online sales by leaps
and bounds. Your blog is publishing consistently and growing in popularity. But
all of this success is due in large part to your hard work. It’s not luck. You
didn’t just happen to make the right decisions at the right times. You worked
hard to build a brand that’s successfully driving traffic to your website. So,
how do you take the next step forward and take your brand to the next level?
You can’t stop now. You need to keep building your brand and driving more
traffic to your website. The tools of digital marketing can help you with this. 

## Increase Engagement on Social MediaPlatforms 

Eventhough you’ve taken the first step toward building a brand, it’s not time to
stop. There’s still work to be done. Social media engagement is key to building
brand equity. Engagement is the number of time users spends on a social media
platform. It’s important to note that users may stop interacting with a brand
after a certain period. This is known as “laziness.” So, you need to make sure
that your brand’s social media posts are getting enough engagement to encourage
users to stick around and engage with you. 

## Create a Blog or Article to AutomateMarketing Efforts 

Bloggingis a great way to share your thoughts, talk about ideas and receive feedback
from your followers. You can also use it to create a brand personality and
reflect positively on your business. When you publish an article on your blog,
it can be seen by your followers as you talk about their products or services.
This can be a great way to boost your brand equity and get more traffic to your

## Conclusion 

Themost important step towards building a brand is to define your brand value and
be real with your audience. Be proactive and show, don’t just tell your brand
story. Next, use tools of digital marketing to increase engagement on social
media platforms, and show that you are available for customer service. With
these steps, you can create a presence online that will help you create a
greater brand value and gain more leads. 


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